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 Your Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne

Gyoza Gyoza is a Japanese Izakaya style bar in Melbourne. What is an izakaya? Izakayas are very popular in Japan; they are similar to pubs, with a menu of small-sized dishes, great drinks and a warm atmosphere all of equal importance.

When visiting Goyoza Gyoza, you will enjoy the truly unique dining experience of a Japanese style eatery, with over 80 Japanese tapas to choose from. The best part? Every dish is priced from just $6.80. Our aim is to bring you the most authentic Japanese restaurant experience in Melbourne.

We are known for our extensive range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages. We serve numerous Japanese beers, 100 different Sake, as well as Shochu, Yuzushu & Umeshu whisky. As for non-alcoholic drinks, there are mocktails, fresh juice & our speciality iced green tea with homemade soy milk soft serve. You will surely find a perfect drink!

The restaurant also offers a wide range of gyoza with varieties of fillings, from fried to steamed even grilled, and our filling selections range from pork, beef, seafood, chicken, duck, even vegetables.

Japanese Tapas Restaurant & Bar Melbourne

Our menu is fixed; all dishes are priced from $6.80, and there are over 80 Japanese Tapas dishes for you to choose from, ranging from vegetables to chicken, pork, beef and seafood.

The name “Gyoza Gyoza” comes from our specialty: our delicate authentic gyoza, which are Japanese style dumplings. We take pride on our signature homemade gyoza, all our gyoza are made in-house daily, including the gyoza wrapping, using fresh local produce whilst incorporating the traditional techniques of gyoza in order to produce the freshest and finest Japanese dumplings possible. There are various fillings for you to choose from, such as Wagyu beef & red onion, miso eggplant and duck, and our most popular minced garlic and pork. We have 3 different types of gyoza: pan-fried, steamed and soup, where soup comes in a further 3 different types; miso, spicy miso & shoyu.

Our kitchen also offers a wide selection of ‘Japas’ – Japanese tapas in Melbourne! We carefully select popular Izakaya dishes to add into our menu, such as tori no karrage; it comes in any of 3 different seasonings: salt & pepper, mustard miso, and sweet chili. Tuna tataki (thinly sliced tuna), tako wasabi, yakitori & many more!!

To match with the dishes, you can’t go wrong with Japanese Sake. We have over one hundred to choose from, and our friendly staff will be able to help you to choose one if you are not familiar with Sake. If Sake is not your thing there are also Japanese tap beers which go well with fried dishes, such as tori karaage, yasai yempura and crab claw.

Japanese Dine-in Restaurant

What makes Japanese dine-in restaurants so popular around the world? 

It is the Japanese culture, their passion towards Japanese cuisine, and the friendly service.

Beverages are important when it comes to Japanese dine-in restaurants, as well as great food, ambience and service. Being a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, we aim to recreate the authentic dining experience that you would have in Japan. We carefully select all the dishes and ingredients to make sure we stay as authentic as possible, and our selection of alcoholic beverages are imported from Japan. Our aim is to create a vibrant and realistic Japanese dining experience for our customers.


About Japanese Sake

Seeking out the finest Japanese sake in Melbourne? Gyoza Gyoza is here to make sure your quest is a fruitful one! Japanese sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed primarily from rice and water. It resembles white wine in appearance, ranging from almost transparent to slightly yellow. The 13%–17% alcohol content of many sake varieties is slightly higher than that of wine, but sake also has a mild taste with little acidity and bitterness.

Unlike wine, in which alcohol is produced by fermenting sugar that is naturally present in grapes, Japanese sake is produced by a brewing process closer to that of beer, where the starch is converted into sugars before being converted to alcohol.

There are a lot of different types of sake, with different rice and different handling after fermentation, and all of them have different characteristics and unique flavours.


Extensive Japanese Sake List

We are known for our extensive range of Japanese beverages; our suppliers import sake from Japan, and we constantly update our sake list to ensure that we have the most choices of Japanese sake in Melbourne’s CBD and beyond.

Japanese Izakaya in Melbourne – Experience it Today!


Izakaya is very popular in Japan!

There are so many different types of Japanese cuisine, and Izakaya (居酒屋) is a Japanese style bar which is very popular all over Japan as a casual place for after-work drinking and tasty snack food. Japanese Izakaya are similar to European style taverns or pubs with food and drink being of equal focus. However, the key difference is the size of the menu. Izakaya tend to have a large variety of dishes, all served in  Japanese tapas style portions.

Gyoza Gyoza is a Japanese izakaya-style bar, and our aim is to bring you the most authentic izakaya dining experience at an affordable price .

Now we have 6 branches, located in Melbourne Chinatown, Emporium Melbourne, Melbourne Central, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Westfield Doncaster & Adelaide.

Japanese Izakaya in Melbourne – Experience it Today!

Our Signature Gyoza

We use fresh local produce whilst incorporating the traditional techniques of gyoza-making to produce the freshest and finest Japanese dumplings. All our gyozas are made in-house fresh daily, including the delicate gyoza skins that wrap our juicy fillings. Gyoza Gyoza offers a wide range of different styles of gyoza and fillings, from pan fried, steamed to soup, our fillings selections range from pork, beef, seafood, chicken, duck and vegetables.

We are known for our extensive drink menu

Don’t forget the drinks! The great appeals of Izakaya-style dining is the alcohol. We have a wide selection of Sake, shochu, Japanese whisky, plum wine, yuzushu, and we highly suggest trying our plum wine jelly. If alcohol is not your thing, we also have a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks.